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Four tires on the road are always better than two. If you have tire trouble you can often “limp” to the next service facility rather than being broken down on the side of the road. With four tires you have greater carrying capacity for heavier modern pontoon boats.
22 ft Sylvan on a propper fitting bontoon boat trailer

22’ Sylvan, although it could be a Smoker Craft or Starcraft, on our PT-24T. A perfect fit.
proper fitting standard bunks RPT Pontoon
Front view. This image shows how good our standard bunks fit the unique Sylvan RPT tubes.
24 ft bently pontoon boat on properly sized trailer
24’ Bentley on our PT-24T. Another perfect fit. Our 2016 trailers have galvanized instead of painted rims.

Click here to learn about fitting a trailer to a boat
Bennington 2250RL Benninton 2260 on pt-26t trailer
A Bennington 2250RL being picked up at the factory. A perfect fit.
NEW for 2016 all tandem axle trailer will have the deluxe winch stand
with wider steps shown to the right.
Bennington 2550 on our PT-26T.
22 ft Aqua Patio Pontoon 
A perfect fit. 22’ Aqua Patio with a 250 HP Honda (by Nautic-Godfrey) on our PT-24T.  
aqua pation on a PT-24T trailer pontoon trailer for twin outboards 
Aqua Patio AP-240 on a PT-24T. Big engines don’t bother us, even inboard-outboards. Our tandem axle trailers have two vertical braces to support the back of the trailer and tie it into the rest of the frame. These two braces distribute the weight of big engines closer to the axles for a better ride. 
Grand Island Pontoon Boat 
Tahoe, 25’ Grand Island on a PT-26T with stern extension. A perfect fit but this customer had troubles. He bought the boat motor trailer package at the Chicago Boat Show. The trailer he was sold was one of those weak frame galvanized trailers. The benefit is that it won’t rust. When he towed it from suburban Chicago to his home in Southern Wisconsin it bucked and bounced and was just totally unsatisfactory. The selling dealer was unresponsive to the customers concerns. The real problem was that the boat was going to his lake home four hours away in northern, Wisconsin. He didn’t feel  comfortable with the trailer the dealer sold him because of the bucking and flexing. He bought this trailer from us and sold the old (still new) trailer on
Craig’s List. Many quality dealers are packaging our trailers with new boats, but some aren’t. Even if you’re only going on one long trip, you don’t want to bounce your tow vehicle to pieces. 
Perfectly fitted potoon trailer
Perfect Balance. We recommend the hitch height be about 18”. In the picture above, the boat-trailer-tow vehicle are perfectly level. It will tow effortlessly, the suspension will work perfectly. Just a few inches higher or lower throws the balance of the trailer off and makes the suspension work harder, resulting in a rougher ride. If you’re off more than a few inches you’ll feel the load behind your tow vehicle and in extreme cases you may carry the load on just one axle.
26' avalon pontoon boat
A 26’ Avalon/Tahoe Grand Island on our PT-26T HD with stern extension and dress up kit. This is the customer’s second trailer for his new boat. The one he got from the dealer in Minnesota with the boat seemed to be a big heavy trailer (5” frame and 14” tires). But when he towed it home to Indiana, it shook and vibrated so bad that he was afraid to tow it. He came to us skeptical about trailering. We transferred his boat onto one of ours. He ran up to the toll road and towed it a few miles at 70 MPH and returned to buy. To dealer restocked the first trailer and our trailer was actually less money, but the customer had to it return it to Minnesota.  
pontoon boat trailer stern extension  dress up kit on pontoon boat trailer 
Stern Extension with Dress Up Kit and tie-down straps.
Load guides on back of frame. 
Dress Up Kit on winch stand. 3200 lb. winch.
Full length frame reinforcement and alum rim spare.  

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