Adjusting our pontoon trailer to fit your pontoon boat

Our bunk style pontoon trailers are fully adjustable to fit all known brands of pontoon boats.
The width of our bunks adjust for boats 6’ to 8’6” wide.

adjust pontoon boat trailer

Most pontoon boats with 8’ wide decks usually have 72” bunk centers.
Most pontoon boats with 8’6” wide decks usually have 77” bunk centers.
Pontoon boats with U shaped pontoons or shapes other than round will vary.
It only takes a few minutes to measure and correctly adjust your pontoon trailer to fit your boat,
when buying a new trailer, we do our best to adjust the trailer to the sizes you give us.
But its always advisable to double check all measurements before retrieving your boat from the lake.

pontoon trailer adjustments

The trailer frames come in various sizes to fit different length pontoon boats.  The proper fit is especially important for modern pontoon boats with extended decks and larger engines.  Weight distribution can be an issue and if a pontoon boat is overloaded too far in front, the front of the tube can hit the back of the tow vehicle in a tight turn.

Some boats have decks the same length as the pontoon tubes while others have decks that can be as much as 4’ shorter.  The trend for newer boats is longer decks and about six years ago the term “extended deck” became popular. A pontoon boat with an extended deck simply refers to a pontoon boat where the deck is nearly as long at the pontoons.  Older boats usually have more pontoon tube out in front of the deck.
pontoon boat trailer pontoon boat trailer pontoon boat trailer

We fit the trailer to the length of the pontoons and accommodate different deck lengths by moving the winch stand forward or back on the trailer frame. Customers usually know the width and length of their pontoon boats but sometimes don’t know the deck length.  If we get the dimension wrong, the winch stand is easily moved by loosening four bolts and repositioning it forward or back.

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