What is special about our pontoon boat trailer brakes

Some pontoon trailer manufacturers don’t pay much attention to braking systems. Older pontoons didn’t weigh much and few actually traveled. That’s changed but some manufacturers haven’t noticed. Modern pontoons with large engine weigh 3500 lbs.+ with many approaching 6000 lbs. and pontoons are traveling. Some manufacturers are using “bolt on” brakes. Axles are build with “backer plates” that allows brakes to be added to an ordinary axle. If brakes are added by a skilled mechanic they are probably as good as those assembled in a factory. But trailer manufacturers operating out of an old horse barn or a shed by the state prison (I’m not making this up) usually don’t have skilled mechanics. Brake trailers sold by trailersforpontoons.com use only factory assembled brakes. The manufacturer has to keep more inventory, and they cost more, but it’s your assurance of quality.

pontoon boat trailer brakes

From the images it’s difficult to know which is which. But you don’t need to know, we do. When you buy a brake trailer from trailersforpontoons and you put on the brakes, we want you want to stop, not just slow down.

pontoon boat trailer brakes

With the increase weight of pontoons, more trailers are being sold with tandem axle brakes. It’s easy to decide what you need. 10” Disc brakes are rated to stop 3500 lbs. If your boat weighs 2500 lbs. and the trailer weighs 900 lbs, single axle brakes will probably be fine. You can do the calculation for your boat and trailer. Some state laws mandate tandem axle trailers must have tandem axle brakes.

brake actuator
Most pontoon trailer manufacturers use single axle brakes with brake actuators. Tandem actuators cost more and require additional inventory. When you buy a brake trailer from trailersforpontoons.com you’ll get a tandem axle brake actuator, single or tandem brakes. It uses more pressure to insure that the second axle brakes energize and when used on a single axle brake system it makes braking faster. Again, you don’t need to know, we do. You can sometimes see if your getting a tandem actuator because some builders put a sticker on the trailer. You won’t see this on our trailers because we use tandem axle actuators on all trailers.

When you are backing up an incline hydraulic-surge brakes sometimes engage. This has been a difficulty for years. Most manufacturers use a manual brake lockout. You get out of the vehicle, insert a pin or spoon into a slot that prevents the brakes from locking up. This is old technology.


We use a five plug wiring adapter. The fifth wire energizes a solenoid in the braking system that disengages the brakes. It costs more and most trailer manufacturers don’t use it. But we do.


brake lock out back up solinoid
Brake lock-out. Insert the spoon to prevent
brakes from locking up when backing up.
Back-up solenoid (inside the coupler) with five plug
wiring system. We use this so you don’t have to
get out of your tow vehicle to back-up.

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