What's a Stern Extension? 

Boat builders have known for years the further the engine is from the back of the boat, the better it performs. In the past couple of years pontoon manufacturers, in an effort to improve performance, have extended this distance. On some brands the motor pod and engine may be 3’-5’ beyond the back of the two outside pontoons. Modern outboard engines can weigh up to 600 lb. The better you can support that weight the less vibration and bucking you’ll have when traveling. If you’re buying a pontoon trailer only for winter storage, the engine probably doesn’t need supporting. If you’re traveling more than just a few miles, the optional stern extension is a wise purchase.
bennington r series Bennington Stern 
The engine and motor pod is 3’-4’ beyond the back of the tube. The stern extension adds 2’ to the back of the trailer. In most cases it supports the entire back of the extended motor pod.  
Bennington G Series Pontoon Boat Tahoe-Avalon 
The engine and transom is 3' - 4' beyond the back of the tube. Certain models of Tahoe & Avalon pontoons have sundecks, transoms, and engines extending 3’ to 5’ beyond the end of the pontoons. Fit the trailer to the size of the pontoon and you’ll have a lot of weight hanging beyond the back of the trailer. 
Manitou Oasis SR-SHP  Manitou Legacy
3' - 4' overhang beyond the tube. Trailer could use a stern extension. 3' - 4' overhang beyond the tube. Trailer could use a stern extension. 
Manitou Encore 
This image shows how much the stern deck, transom pod, and engine can extend beyond the back of the pontoon tubes.
Most high end Manitou’s would benefit from a stern extension. 
pontoon trailer stern extension
An alternative to the stern extension is moving up a size in the trailer and pulling the boat further forward.

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