Launching and retrieving a pontoon boat from our bunk style pontoon trailer

To launch your pontoon from a bunk style pontoon trailer, back the trailer down the launch ramp until the boat starts to float.  Don’t forget to remove all tie down straps.  Lower the engine, put it into gear and back off the trailer.  Generally speaking anywhere a fiberglass boat can be launched, a pontoon boat on a bunk style pontoon trailer can be launched.  Our bunk style pontoon trailers usually require about three feet of water.  In some extreme shallow water applications or at a flat ramp, it may be necessary to give the pontoon a push off the pontoon trailer from the front.

Launching pontoon boat

launching pontoon boat

The rear tires should not go into the water.  Ramps are often coated with moss and slippery.

Many of the pontoon trailers we sell are for boats that are already in the water.  Before you go to the ramp to retrieve your boat, review the procedures outlined on the “Fitting Your Pontoon to the Trailer” page.  If the pontoon trailer isn’t adjusted perfectly to fit your pontoon, it’s easier to make the necessary adjustments before the boat is on the trailer.

To retrieve your pontoon onto a bunk style pontoon trailer, back the trailer down the launch ramp getting the trailer as deep into the water as possible. The rear tires of the tow vehicle should not enter the water. Line up the pontoon tubes with the center of the carpeted bunks and drive the boat onto the pontoon trailer. If there is a cross current or a wind, loading guides may be helpful to assist you in centering the boat onto the pontoon trailer.
retrieving a pontoon boat retrieving a pontoon boat

Depending on the depth of the water and the angle of the ramp you can sometimes power-drive the boat onto the pontoon trailer.  On steeper ramps the pontoon boat may get stopped less than all the way on.  When this happens, use the winch and strap on the front of the bow stop.  Attach the J hook to the front tow eye (usually under the deck on the second cross member) and using the winch, crank the boat the rest of the way onto the pontoon trailer, until the front of the deck rests against the front of the bow stops.

retrieving pontoon boat retrieving pontoon boat
Once the boat is correctly positioned onto the pontoon trailer you’re ready to go. The strap will hold the front of your boat onto the pontoon trailer.  For extra security and to help prevent the pontoon boat from “bucking”, loosen the strap from the front tow eye.  Run the strap down through the steel U bolt on the inside frame of the bow stop and again up to the pontoon boat tow eye.  When the boat is fastened to the front of the pontoon trailer in this manner the boat is held securely forward with a downward pressure to the pontoon trailer.
pontoon boat trailer pontoon boat trailer
For added security when traveling it’s always a good idea to secure the back of the pontoon boat to the pontoon trailer.  Most pontoons have an eye on the top of the back of the tube and our trailers have tie down spots on the back of the frame.  Securing the tube to the pontoon trailer in the stern is always a good idea.
pontoon trailer
With the boat securely on the pontoon trailer you are ready to travel anywhere.

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