Will my Center Lift Pontoon Trailer with Pontoon Boat fit in my Garage?

We are occasionally asked if our center lift pontoon trailers will allow you to store your boat in a garage. The usual consideration is the height of the door. You will have to take the overall height of your boat into consideration. These are several variables. The only measurement we can provide you is how low the center lift trailer can be lowered without the frame dragging.  8"-10" clearance so that the trailer fram does not drag.


pontoon boat in garage on center lift pontoon trailer  8"-10" trailer clearance
25" pontoon diameter
10" riser brackets and pontoon floor
27" fence

TOTAL 72" or about 6'

Take into account, Larger diameter pontoons. (27”)
There may be something that is higher than the fence.
The captains stand or the brackets for the top.
WIDTH- The width is an easy measurement. If your boat is 8’ or 8’6” wide you need a couple inches on each side, in case you drive in slightly crooked.

DEPTH- Like the height the depth needs extra consideration. Modern pontoons are often longer than their stated size. A 24’ pontoon might be 25’9”length overall. The engine might extend a couple foot behind the length of the boat.

DRIVEWAY PITCH - Check the angle of the driveway in front of the garage. If it is angled up that may throw off your measurements about clearing the overhead door.

Then there is the question about what to do with the trailer. Trailers are typically several feet longer than the boat. Many people are happy to back the boat into the garage and store it on blocks, removing the trailer to sit somewhere else. Others want the trailer inside the storage building, in which case you must take the overall length of the trailer into consideration.
fitting pontoon boat in garage
This is an 18' boat but with the engine is about 3' longer
With the trailer in the up position the top (folded flat) is the highest point on the boat. Lowering the trailer where the tubes almost scrape the concrete, the boat and top clear.
prontoon boat and trailer in the garage
The boat’s in the garage without much room to spare and the trailer beside it.

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