Pontoon Trailer Load and Wind Guides

We are frequently asked to make a recommendation on the need for our optional Load/Wind guides.  Our standard answer is that if you launch and retrieve on a river, with a current or on a big lake which tends to be windy, you won't be sorry to have them.  Generally speaking it is very simple to retrieve your pontoon boat on a pontoon trailer with carpeted bunks.  You back the pontoon trailer into the water, you can plainly see the carpeted bunks sticking out of the water, you drive your pontoon boat onto the carpeted bunks of the pontoon trailer.  It can get tricky if you have a current or wind blowing sideways.  That's when the load/wind guides come in handy.  The purpose of the load/wind guide is to "nudge" your pontoon tube in the direction of the carpeted bunk and keep it on course. 

Pontoon boat load guides


Two load/wind guides are often enough for some applications. Once the pontoon boat is centered the ones in the front may not do much.  But, four are sometimes helpful on steep ramps.

Features of OUR Load/Wind Guides
Angled back to help prevent interfering with oversize spray fin on many pontoon boats
Straight up/down for Tri tube boats or Heavy Duty Use
Attached with U bolts which are fully adjustable for all diameter pontoon tubes
When mounted on our Flote-On brand trailer, you have maximum adjustability on where to mount the load/wind guides.  Shallow water launching/retrieving mount them on the back cross member of the trailer frame.  Average launching ramp depth (4'-6') mount them on the second cross member from the back, etc.  On some brands of trailers your mounting options are limited.  (trailers with fewer frame cross members.)
Our load guides are made of the cheapest-most flimsy steel available.  It may sound silly but the strength of the steel in a load guide can be important.  If you come in too fast and your pontoon tube hits our guide hard, out guide will collape.  If you have a competing brand of stronger load guide, your $2500+ pontoon boat tube will collapse.  We don't replace many load guides under warranty (yes we will), but when we do our customers are very happy not to have damaged their expensive pontoon tube.
Guides are sold at a discount when bought with a new trailer and we'll mount them for you.


Black carpeted bunk attached to steel upright with a lag screw.
When ordering as a parts option (without a trailer) specify color
Black powder coat steel with a plate welded on the bottom, holes are on 2" centers
When ordered as a parts option for other brands of trailers you receive 1-3" & 1-4" U bolt
Our load guides are designed to fit either 2"x3" or 2"x4" frames.
When mounting our load/wind guides on other brands of trailers please measure the size of the frame where you intend to mount the guides.  We can supply longer U bolts but the frame cannot be wider than 3"


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