Pontoon Trailer Load and Wind Guides

We are frequently asked to make a recommendation on the need for our optional Load/Wind guides.  Our standard answer is that if you launch and retrieve on a river, with a current or on a big lake which tends to be windy, you won't be sorry to have them.  Generally speaking it is very simple to retrieve your pontoon boat on a pontoon trailer with carpeted bunks.  You back the pontoon trailer into the water, you can plainly see the carpeted bunks sticking out of the water, you drive your pontoon boat onto the carpeted bunks of the pontoon trailer.  It can get tricky if you have a current or wind blowing sideways.  That's when the load/wind guides come in handy.  The purpose of the load/wind guide is to "nudge" your pontoon tube in the direction of the carpeted bunk and keep it on course. 
pontoon trailer load guidespontoon trailer load guides

We offer angled and straight pontoon load guides. The straight guide is usually used for triple tube boats. There is less space between the tubes on a triple tube boat. Some customers think the straight load guide is stronger. It has extra bracing, but stronger is not necessarily better with load guides. The steel in our angled guide is “just right”. Strong enough to guide your boat, but it will break if you hit it too hard. They are sacrificial. Instead of being so strong as to poke a hole or damage your tube, they break and instead of a new $2500+ pontoon tube, you buy a new load guide.

Pontoon Trailer Load Guides
Purchased with a new Trailer  $85* set of four.

Angled brackets will be installed on two tube trailers, straight on tri tube trailers.


Load Guides can also be purchsed individually in our trailer parts store
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* We sell load guides at a price close to cost as an incentive for our customers to purchase them with trailer. We make profit on a new trailer sale; we don’t need extra profit on the load guides.

pontoon trailer load guidepontoon trailer load guide option

Our standard pontoon load guides are angled back to help protect pontoon tube with low spray shields. Come on too fast with straight load guides and it’s easy to damage the spray shield (left). On other types of pontoon tubes it’s not as important (right).

brackets for pontoon trailerMounting the Pontoon Load Guide to the Trailer Frame


Our pontoon load guides are made to fit our standard 2” x 3” or 4” trailer frame. They mount with a 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” U bolt. Larger trailers sometimes have a 2” x 5” frame and mount with a 2 1/2” x 5 1/2” U bolt. If you’re ordering our load guides for a trailer other than ours, double check the size of your frame. We supply either size U bolts, but different brands of trailers may have different size frames.

Installing Pontoon Trailer Guides

Before installing your Load Guides from Trailers for Pontoons, a moment considering where you launch will help you make a better installation.
Our trailers have four to six cross members.

pt-20 pontoon trailer There are many places to mount load guides.

1. Back cross member
2. Second from back
3. Third from back
4. Front cross member
mounting pontoon boat load guidesIf you launch on a relatively shallow ramp, mount one pair of load guides on the back cross member (1). If you often launch on a deep ramp, mount the back guides on the second (2) cross member from the back as seen to the left.  On deep ramps, guides mounted on the back may be beneath the water and do you no good. The second set should usually be on the third (3) or on larger trailers (with more cross members) the front (4). Generally speaking load guides mounted too far forward don’t do anything because the pontoon is already onto the trailer.
installing load guides on a pontoon trailer

Trailer load guides should be mounted 2” to 4” inches away from the pontoon tube. The boat in the image to the left was set up by a marine dealer but it’s wrong. The load guides are tight against the tubes. It’s the trailer owner’s responsibility to make sure that your trailer is set up properly. When you buy a trailer from Trailers for Pontoons we install the load guides but we tell you that they may need to be adjusted. We make a guess at where they should be but with 19”, 21” ,23” and 25” diameter tubes, it’s best to adjust the load guides with the boat on the trailer.
Trailer Load Guides on Other Brands of Trailers
We sell trailer load guides as after market items, but sometimes customers are disappointed when they get ready to install them. The two brands of trailers shown below only have a back cross member. The only place you can mount load guides on trailers made this way is on the back cross member and on a deep ramp they do no good.
pontoon trailer pontoon trailer
pontoon trailerThis is a bad example of load guides on a competitive brand of trailer. By the time you’re half way on the trailer, the load guides don’t do any good. Yet this trailer was sold by a boat dealer set up this way. Throughout this web site it may seem that I’m critical of marine dealers. That’s not the case at all but I can’t emphasis strongly enough that the consumer should know enough about trailers to recognize when something isn’t right. Otherwise you’ll be at the ramp with your boat on the trailer crooked or the pontoon tube stuck on the fender.

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