About Our Pricing

We are frequently asked Is This Your Best Price or What is the Out the Door Price. Usually it’s in a friendly way, sometimes in an accusatory way.
I think there may be a some foolishness on the internet with pricing: add-on’s, inbound freight, etc. We don’t do that.

We only have one price. It’s posted on the internet. We’re committed to having everything posted on the web site. No guessing, no mistakes or misunderstanding. No hidden charges.

Seven years ago when we started selling trailers on-line we made the conscious decision that we needed to be $200 lower than your local source. You won’t drive to Elkhart to save $100, but you will for more. We’ve upgraded our trailers with features like LED lights, radial tires, and disc brakes. These things cost money but we're still conscious of pricing.

Indiana SALES TAX must be collected for trailers picked up in Indiana. To figure your “out the door price”, if picking up in Indiana, take our posted price plus options and add 7%. We will gladly e-mail an estimate showing exactly what your cost will be, but it will be the posted internet price plus 7%. Indiana has reciprocity with most states so you’ll only pay sales tax once.

We take pride in the way we care for our customers. On our web site, under the Helpful Information drop down, check out Picking Up Your Trailer. You’ll be treated courteously, and everything about your trailer will be as advertised. Everything will be NEW, with the current year serial number. Tire pressure will be checked and the trailer will be adjusted to fit your boat according to the specifications you give us.