What's Special About Lo Loader® Center Lift Pontoon Trailers by Hoosier
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Phil Spreuer invented the center-lift pontoon trailer in 1957. In 2001 they developed a stronger, box frame center-lift models for boat dealers to handle the (then) heavier pontoons. The trailers we sell have been in production for years and are used by hundreds of boat dealers. The strength of the frame and lifting system has been proven over all these years.

 Our trailers lift in the rear, that’s where the weight is in modern boats. Others lift in the front. It’s a chore lifting a modern pontoon with a four stroke engine on a two pulley front lift system. (see below)

Our 7 pulley system gives you incredible mechanical advantage/lifting power. Stress on the pulleys destroyed the fame.


Low Loader® is a registered sales mark of PMI/trailersforpontoons. It was developed by the Lo Loader® Trailer Company of Benton Harbor, MI. Whose trailers we sold 35 years ago. Yes, we’ve been selling pontoon trailers that long. There are imitators who use our name without authorization to confuse unsuspecting customers. But imitation is the best form of flattery.


overturned pontoon trailer

Throughout this web site we stress that customers buying trailers for modern heavy pontoons must pay attention to what they’re buying. A couple hundred dollars saved may result in you standing on the side of the road trying to figure out what to do with your damaged pontoon.


 You don’t need to know a lot about pontoon trailers, WE DO and we won’t sell you junk.



Our wide axle bunk trailer is perfect for most triple tube pontoons. But if you're in shallow water or want to store somewhere with low clearance, the center lift tri-tube trailer is perfect. We’ve sold this trailer for nine years in a hydraulic version to marine dealers who move a lot of boats. NEW for 2017 a hand crank version for light duty or retail use for the popular 21’-23’ triple tube pontoon boats that weigh under 4000 lb.

Centerlift Prontoon Trailer Centerlift Pontoon Trailer
It will fit most 8’6” wide triple tube pontoons and some older 8’ wide boats as long as you have 49” clearance between the outside pontoons.
It will NOT FIT the Bennington Elliptical center tube (the one that’s shaped like an egg on its side).

hydraulic or crank triple tube pontoon boat trailers


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