Heavy Duty Hydraulic Center Lift Trailers for TRIPLE TUBE PONTOONS

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46" outside rail to rail 38 1/2 inside  25' bed or 28' bed to fit all boats 
BX-325TT-HYD 25’ bed 32’ overall length #6000 capacity - $7000
Trailer weighs 1500 lbs.
pontoon trailer weights
BX-328TT-HYD 28’8” bed, 36’ overall length #6000 capacity - $7400
With many newer 24’ pontoons now 27’-28’ long (with swim-decks) and I/O’s so popular,
the HYD BX-328 with a 28’ bed may make sense for many applications.
Trailer weighs 1700 lbs.
Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing
Triple axle #1220 RADIAL tires on galvanized rims.
12" tires are  standard, larger tires won't fit. 
Two hydraulic lifting arms raise the heaviest pontoon with ease. Trailers  come with everything you need EXCEPT the battery. 
Our triple axle center lift triple tube pontoon trailer has been in production for four years. Our business has sold 90 and all are in use today. This is a proven product that has been used on thousands of triple tube pontoon boats. However, these trailers will not work on all brands of triple tube pontoons. Bennington has a model with an elliptical center tube that doesn’t have enough space for the trailer. J.C. has a model with bracing between the center and outer tubes that prevents our trailer from fitting. But, the trailer will fit many of the triple tube pontoons. Bennington (except for the elliptical tube) Avalon, Bentley, Crest, Forest River, (Berkshire-South Bay-Xcursion), Harris Flote-Bote, J. C. (except the Tri-Tube) Manitou, Nautic Group (Sweetwater-Aqua Patio-Sanpan), Premier, Starcraft, Sylvan, Tahoe, Tracker, etc. The triple axle triple tube hydraulic will also work with most 8’6” wide two tube pontoon boats.

17” x 17” x 13” - free shipping
Set of four (for Bi-Tube Boats) $165
Set of six (for Tri-Tube Boats) $240
storage blocks for pontoon boats

Heavy-Duty reinforced (roto-mold) plastic. Each support weighs almost 5 lb. Rated for 1500 lb. each.
The perfect height for storage or working your boat. Unlike foam blocks they are impervious to bottom cleaning chemicals.
Use for years. Ideal for use with all our center lift triple tube pontoon trailer.

Bi or Tri Tube Boat?