Lo Loader® Center Lift Pontoon Trailers by Hoosier

It’s not too early to start thinking about winter storage when it comes to these trailer models. Year after year we are in a sold out situation by mid October. The factory just can’t build enough.

Both the Hydraulic and Hand Crank models are practically made by hand. The complex design does not lend itself to mass production, there are over a hundred welds on each trailer. That’s why competition hasn’t copied them, there difficult to manufacture.

If you’re thinking about one for fall, it’s smart to get your order placed as soon as possible. We don’t require a deposit because if you cancel, we’ll have others waiting. But if you want to pull your boat mid to late September, you should get your order in as soon as possible.

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pontoon trailer weights




We’re careful when selling a center-lift pontoon trailer to stress that this type of trailer can be “tippy”. If you clip a curb with some brands you will likely tip the boat. But center-lift trailers are good for launching in shallow water or storing a boat in a building with a low overhead door. People often go together to buy a community trailer to handle multiple boats and that’s another reason to buy a center-lift trailer.

Crank type center lift pontoon trailer 

For 18'-21' Pontoons 

LL-220 tandem axle, 20’ 7” bed, 44” wide, 27’ LOA, 4000 lb. capacity - $3775
Trailer weighs 825 lbs.
 Some older 22’ or even 24’ pontoons only have a 20’ deck and the LL-20 could work.

For 22'-25' Pontoons 
LL-224 tandem axle, 24’ 7” bed, 44” wide, 31’ LOA, 4000 lb. capacity - $3950
Trailer weighs 924 lbs.
For shorter boats use the optional adjustable bow stop for a better fit.

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Trailers are 44” wide. Fits modern 8’6” wide two tube boats with larger tubes. Will accommodate most 8’ (96”) wide pontoons with large tubes. Lifts 40” off the ground (clearance for the largest tubes). Lowers to 23” (sits most pontoons down on the ground without blocking). 4000 lb. carrying capacity. Tandem axle with sure lube hubs (grease zerks beneath the rubber cap on the hub). 12” radial tires on galvanized rims (ST-145R12E Range). The trailer raises and lowers through a 7 pulley lifting system with a 1500 lb. winch. The lifting system is in the stern because that’s where the weight is on modern pontoons. The lifting arms are 2” x 2”, 12 gauge steel. A dual wheel tongue jack is standard. DOT approved LED tail lights in protective cages to prevent damage. Modern Powder-Cote finish keeps your trailer looking new for years. The trailer takes a 2” ball with the standard trailer flat 4 plug wiring.

Center-Lift Trailers Are Not Available With Brakes. (there is not roon for brakes.)

The Most Stable Center Lift Trailer Available

Tipped Center Lift Pontoon Trailer

Our low-slung suspension allows wheels to walk over pot holes. If you hit a curb, because of our low center of gravity, the frame is less susceptible to tipping. Our axles are only 6” off the ground. Our 20’ trailer weighs 825 lb. The 24’ trailer weighs 900 lb. Some trailers weigh as little as 500 lb. When a boat is riding on a narrow wheel base frame, the heavier the trailer, the better it will track and handle.
Here's How It Works 
Center lift prontoon trailer

Turn the winch and cables move through the pulley system raising or lowering the frame. The 1500 lb. winch working through 7 pulleys yield a terrific mechanical advantage. The frame pivots on 2”-12 gauge steel arms, the strongest available. The weight is carried by these arms. In the up position the weight is transferred to the bottom frame. Our arms are straight up and down when fully raised.
centerlift pontoon trailer features 
Lifting in the stern is a great advantage. Modern boats have all the weight in the back. Our two stage pulley lifting system is the strongest available. Lifts the heaviest boats with ease. 
Standard Features for a Lifetime of Trouble Free Service
center lift pontoon trailer lift arms 

Lifting arms are 2” square 1/8” (12 gauge) thick steel
Our Lo-Loader trailer has been in production for twenty years. The bolts in the pivot arms run through a bushing, not just through a hole that will widen out. Stress points are reinforced with welded gussets. 
locking frame  dual wheel jack  modern led lighting  side guards 
Your boat never rides on cables.
The frame is locked to the stand. 
Dual wheel tongue jack is standard.  Modern LED lights are
in protective cages. 
Side guards keep the
pontoon on straight. 
deep stern in center lift pontton trailer   Adjustable bow stops
Deep opening, fits most boats with large transoms. Some boats have transoms that can be 84” deep Our 90” deep throat fits most large
Standard adjustable bow stop. Allows you to move the stops on the frame. Adjust the length to fit the deck of your pontoon.  
spare tire option
12” Spare Tire $75 Carrier $49
Mounts to the front frame. Doesn’t interfere with up/down operation.
Front loading winch

Front Loading Winch with mounting and 19’
strap with an eye in the end.

Lo-Loaders are easy to load but the front loading winch is good protection to help pull or hold the boat on the trailer.
17” x 17” x 13” - $165 free shipping
Bi or Tri Tube Boat?

storage blocks for pontoon boats
center lift pontoon trailer 
If you clip a curb with this style of trailer the frame is 32” off the ground and the top is tipped at a considerable angle. You could easily tip the boat.   
Wanna Save a Couple Hundred Dollars on a Center-Lift Trailer? 
We can’t help you. We won’t sell a single axle center-lift trailer. We won’t sell a trailer with a weak lifting system. We’ve sold single axle trailers in the past but customers tipped their boats we decided it wasn’t worth it. People usually never consider that their boat is often underinsured. Many have a $500 deductible. Worse yet, your beautifully restored 15+ year old pontoon if damaged is not insured for what you’ve got in it. Insurance generally only covers the depreciated value, often only a couple thousand dollars. Tip it over and you’ll regret the couple hundred dollars you saved on a trailer.  
pontoon trailer frame construction pontoon trailer frame construction ripped frame
Stress points are reinforced. Our trailers are built by the oldest pontoon
trailer manufacturers. They know about stress points.  
These trailers have front lifting systems. The weight of the boat has bent the frame on the trailer to the left. The trailer to the right has a stronger (multi pulley system) but the stress has actually torn the steel.  
poor pontoon trailer design 
Here’s how one company handles different length of boats. They have a bottom frame that’s one length and they add length to the top frame. When the customer put his 26’ boat with a 150 HP engine on this trailer it wouldn’t crank up. This is an attractive trailer but you don’t need to be an engineer to know that weight overhanging a pivot point on a cantilever system is multiplied by two. 

Understanding Prontoon Trailer Pricing 

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